Pontoon Boats

Maybe it’s a sign of my age, or maybe I just realize the practicality of them, but lately I have been developing an interest in pontoon boats. Yup, those two pontoon floating party barges that cruise slowly up and down the lake.

Gone are the days when I dreamed of a 10 foot hydroplane racing up our cottage lake, the wind in my hair bugs in my teeth, at literally ‘break-neck’ speeds. In my young years I used to imagine how cool I would look to the girls watching from the shore, a hydroplane would have been a chick magnet..or so I thought…

But now, as I grow older and wiser, I am thinking about how nice it would be to cruise up the lake at about 2 miles per hour, soaking up the sun and the sights in the walk around comfort of a pontoon deck boat, with padded seats, a roof and perhaps even a barbecue.

I may have found the perfect pontoon boat design, one that meets all my requirements HERE although my wife says this isn’t exactly what she has in mind when she thinks pontoon boat.

Pontoon boats are among the most versatile of boats for around a cottage, especially if you like to have the odd boat party, or just have some friends out for a day on the boat. Technically you can fish from them, cruise around, walk around, have barbecues, even sleep on them in relative comfort depending on the design and the accessories.

One thing about pontoon boats that make them an attractive boating option, is that you can make your own, such as this one made from 2400 soda bottles… yup…talk about recycling.

You can also buy pontoons, and build your own deck to suit your purposes and individuality. This is the option that I am considering, as I have seen an advertisment in our local paper about a company that makes the pontoons for pontoon boats.

However, building a boat out of two pontoons is probably harder than it sounds, and let’s face it, unless you are a true craftsman, it’s difficult to make a boat as nice as the ones you can buy, like this Princecraft Sportsfisher Series Pontoon Boat

The only problem I see with this boat is that I may not have enough family and friends to fill it up.

One nice feature about pontoon boats around the cottage is that they can double as a spare room if you have company. Provided your company are willing to sleep on a boat.

You can outfit one of these pontoon boats with a porta-pottie and it becomes a great guest cabin. It would also be fun to anchor in a secluded cove and sleep aboard for a night.

I have owned Princecraft boats since I bought my first one, a 12 foot Ungava model, back around 1974 and have been a fan of the quality and practical design of these boats ever since. Today, with more and more boats to choose from, I still gravitate toward Princecraft.

Imagine, all you have to do with one of these pontoon boats is anchor in a sheltered cove, and wait for a sexy girl to climb up the swim ladder. Gotta like that….

I’ve got to get one of these boats….there is no swim ladder on a 10 foot hydroplane….

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4 thoughts on “Pontoon Boats”

  1. The pontoon link was hilarious. Trying to convince the hubby to get a pontoon. He wants a center console fishing boat. Wish me luck!

  2. He would be far better off with a pontoon boat…just tell him there is no where for you to lay out in your bikini on a center console fishing boat….he’ll change his mind!!