Living In Alaska….no not me….

I’m not sure if Alaska is exactly ‘cottage country’ of if it is actually the supreme cottage country….Let’s face it, there aren’t too many places left as wild and free as Alaska seems to be, at least to those of us who are not in Alaska….

But…if I a way, I am pretty sure that is where I would like to have my cottage. Right in the middle of Alaska…looking at mountains and lakes and wildlife. Of course I have always been mesmerized with Alaska, ever since I watched the televison show, Northern Exposure, and the goings on of the residents of the fictional Alaska town of Cicely with Doctor Fleishman and the rest of the gang. I used to go to sleep dreaming of walking into The Brick, and seeing the folks…

Well, Northern Exposure ran it’s course and got cancelled, but I may have found a suitable replacement in a blog I recently came across, called Living In Alaska

It’s written by Michelle, a lovely young woman from I believe Michigan who moved to Alaska with her family about a year ago, and from the sounds of things, wouldn’t dream of moving back. From the stories and pictures on her blog, I wouldn’t want to leave either, perhaps that is the real reason why I have never gotten around to making the trip, I’m secretly afraid I wouldn’t want to leave.

As much as I hate to see you leave, drop on over to
Living In Alaska and see for yourself. Some of the better pictures are in Michelle’s older posts, so don’t forget to look for them. Tell me you won’t be wanting to go to Alaska yourself after reading Living In Alaska

Just don’t forget to come back to The Cottage Chronicles…I miss ya already….
Speaking of Northern Exposure, the picture above is from the cover of the CD More Music From Northern Exposure (1990-95 Television Series)

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3 thoughts on “Living In Alaska….no not me….”

  1. Hi, I’m returning your visit! Yes, I come from Michigan, and no, I’m not going back and I sure like that “lovely YOUNG woman” description (Guess you can’t see all the gray hairs in that picture)!

    I personally know very few people who would enjoy living in Alaska, much less thrive, and I live in the “soft” area of the state, with mild winters. I suggest anyone who wants to live here:
    1-Have a good-paying job lined up
    2-Have a plan for dealing with the darkness in the winter (exercise or sunlamp, but lay off the drugs)
    3-Be flexible and accept what you get here. AK doesn’t need a makeover.
    3-Love the winter. We’re still skiing and snowshoing regularly and with 3 feet of snow left, we don’t expect it to be going anytime soon. We love it!!

  2. How serendipitous that you should write this today. I just wrote a post on Roslyn back on March 29th. I live in a similar town, (very small and very quirky) and the show Northern Exposure was a huge influence on our move up here from So Cal a few years ago. Off to check out “Living in Alaska”; Don’t worry, I’ll be back!

  3. Thanks Michellew and you too Jennifer Robin! I love Northern Exposure and like I said in my post, you’re living my dream….