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First of all, I apologize profusely…over and over again for what I am about to do here at The Cottage Chronicles..but alas sometimes ya just gotta do something a little wild, blog out of the box so to speak, and do something a little…well… risque….

I always remember and sometimes live by a line from the character “Chris” from the television show Northern Exposure. Chris, you will recall was the kind of eclectic disc jockey/preacher/artist in the little Alaskan television town of Sicily…and one of his all time favorite lines, as far as I am concerned, went something like this, “Sometimes ya gotta do something bad…just to know you are alive…” Way to go Chris, some words to live by…especially if you are a blogger, squirrelled away night after night, day after day, writing blogs…ya just gotta do something bad…

So with that preamble, I give you a camping video from YouTube that caught my eye, and kind of had me dancing along…turn up your speakers, get up off your chair and dance along…I didn’t want to say anything, but you seem to be carrying some winter weight and the exercise might do you good. Remember, cottage living is just around the corner and you can’t be out of shape when you arrive at the camp!

So here goes….yee ha!! Remember, it’s relatively tame…but it does have a little bit of the “risque” to it.

I just love that…watched it twice myself, dancing in my computer chair along with the young lady, imagine spending a weekend camping with that little bundle of energy.
I promise, no more videos for a little while…well…maybe a few days….Thanks for coming…I’m sorry…I just had to do it…..

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3 thoughts on “Fun Camping Video”

  1. Hah! Wish I had that much energy..growing old sucks,lol. That was cute and thanks for sharing…took me back to my old camping days with my family.

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