Fish Finders

It used to be that we fishing purists looked with disdain at anyone who used a fish finder when they were trout fishing on our lake. That is until I got one….several years ago we bought a speed boat that had a Humminbird Fish Finder mounted on the dashboard.

It was then that I discovered the value of a fish finder. Not only did it show fish, it also gives you the water depth, and shows you structure on the bottom. Structure usually means a good spot to fish, as do the edges of deep holes and channels. By structure I mean rocks, piles of sunken logs, even weed beds. I think perhaps the most useful information was the location of underwater rocks, saving me the cost of a new propellor or lower end unit for the Mercury outboard.

Having a fish finder also told me more about my lake, confirmed things I thought I knew, and showed me I was wrong about other things. For example, I heard for years about a spot the old timers always called ‘the deepest spot in the lake’ but they were wrong….the deepest spot is actually a few miles away from what they thought was the deepest spot…

The only thing better, and the next ‘toy’ I hope to buy myself is an Underwater Camera Yeah…I want one of these. I have always been fascinated with what lies at the bottom of our lake, and in my youth spent hours swimming with a mask and snorkel, exploring the bottom around the cottage. Unfortunately, a mask and snorkel somewhat limits how deep you can go. This underwater camera changes all of that. The only thing I am not sure about is, would it really be much good for the lake. Our bottom is quite murkey, and scuba divers have told me that you cannot see much more than a foot in front of you. That might limit the usefulness of a camera.

Never mind a few fish, who knows…I might discover our very own Loch Ness Monster….

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