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Since I started The Cottage Chronicles, I have become convinced that cottagers are a breed alone, but we all share similar ideas and to some degree activities. The same things are happening at cottages all over the place, different people, but the same idea…more or less…campfires, boat rides, wildlife, cottage repairs…all the things that go with ‘going to the camp’ and so on.
So when I came across a couple of videos about cottage life I just had to share them with you, one made me reminisce, the other made me laugh.

Here’s the first one…it’s from Darren McEwen, a Canadian of course…really makes me long for those fantastic days at the cottage, or as Darren calls it, ‘the amazing place” I think Darren does a fantastic job capturing life at the cottage in the summertime and a great choice of music to go with it. This is called “Sunshine and Summertime”

This next one made me laugh, because the guy on the ladder is so me…geez I had to look twice to be sure it wasn’t me…I recognize that ladder grip….this is from the CBC Television Show, Air Farce…Canadian humor…

Be sure and check out Robin’s Woods it’s Wordless Wednesday which means Robin has posted one or two of her fantastic photos.

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One thought on “Cottage Videos From YouTube”

  1. Thank you for the link; I hope everyone enjoys my photography. And the videos! Something not a lot of people know about me is that I am Canadian, and that second one especially tickled my funny bone big time. You just have to love Canadian humor =P