Preparing For The First Trip To The Cottage

Although around here we are experiencing a snowstorm, it’s the kind of day that has me thinking about the first trip to the cottage, which cannot be far around the corner…please God…make it stop snowing…

It’s time to think about getting stuff ready for the cottage, the first trip or two always means a full load in the sports utility vehicle or the Dodge Van, and we still forget stuff.

That’s why this year I have started a list….

– toilet paper
– garden worms for fishing
– water pump (brought it home to overhaul it this winter…didn’t…)
– sleeping bags
– extra warm clothes for out in the boat in April
– new monafilament fishing line, the line on our reels must be getting rotten
– fishing vest
– some quick meals can goods
– drinking water
– food….kind of important (needs it’s own list the wife makes that list)
– new, ketchup, mustard, relish etc
– flashlight batteries
– new flashlights (can’t find the old ones)
– plastic (in case any windows are broken)
– new broom and dustpan (in case any windows are broken)
– new rubber boots I bought this year
– raincoats
– fresh bedding
– chain saw
– chain saw gas and oil
– new bar and chain for chainsaw
– outboard motor…almost forgot the most important part.
– outboard motor oil and gas tank

I’m sure this is not all of it. So much stuff gets brought home in the fall and dispersed throughout the house, it’s not readily apparent what we brought home from the cottage and who remembers…not me…But after doing this for 40 years we are getting it down to a science now, and my wife, God Bless her, always reminds me to pack my clothes, including fresh underwear just before we leave for the camp…

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2 thoughts on “Preparing For The First Trip To The Cottage”

  1. Good Post…

    Easter comes early–ARGH!. Can’t make it into the camp due to ice.