Parsun Outboard Motors

Parsun Outboard Motors

The other day my darling cottager wife and I attended the local Outdoor Sports and RV Show, which of course is more proof that spring is just around the corner. In fact, I believe that the outdoor show is a better predictor of the spring season than the sight of robins in the yard….but that is just me.

Anyway, always on the lookout for new stuff for the cottage, and always interested in outboard motors I couldn’t help but notice a new outboard motor on the market. It was black, and shiny, and looked very similar to an OMC motor but alas it wasn’t.

Fetch The Parsun

What it was, is a Parsun. Yup, go fetch the parsun thar’s gonna be a weddin’….umm…sorry about that, I get carried away sometimes and get on these tangents like…um..oh-oh…almost lost it again.

The Price Is Good

Back to the outboard motor, the Parsun outboard motor. The brochure I picked up said Parsun Outboard Motors were “clean, quiet, reliable, efficient, and all at a great price!”

The Parsun outboard motor I was looking at was a 15 hp, and I believe it was under $2500, but don’t quote me on that. I have to say, the Parsun Outboard Motors looked pretty good, and judging by the specs it’s a 4 stroke, seems to have the usual stuff, like a manual start, trim and tilt, etc.

Parsun EPA Certified

All in all the Parsun outboard motor was not a bad looking outboard motor sitting on the stern of a boat on the floor of the exhibition building.

The brochure also says that Parsun outboard motors are ‘the best choice for environmentally conscious people” and goes on to say that “all Parsun outboard motors have been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency of the good old U.S.A. So that’s a plus.

Parsun Outboard Motors – Made In China

The sales rep told me that Parsun Outboard Motors were made in China, which I suppose shouldn’t really be a surprise given that a lot of stuff is made in China these days. I just never considered that outboard motors might come from there. I’m used to, and comfortable around outboard motor names like Johnson, Evinrude, Yamaha, Honda, heck even Mercury….and I have been slow to warm up to even some of them, so having a new one in the mix might take some time.

I’m not sure of the range of horsepowers that Parsun Outboard Motors produce, but the brochure I picked up shows a 9.9, a 15 and a 25. All the motors sizes I love….I’ll have one of each please….um…no…not yet.

I don’t know about you, but I like to watch how someone else does with something new like this. It’s like…well…Kia’s for instance, although I like the look of the Kia, especially the four wheel drive SUV, I’m not ready to commit.

The same goes for Parsun Outboard Motors. I like the look of them, and the style is nice, they looked durable, but I’m not quite ready to commit.

I will say that the Parsun looks like an outboard motor that just might be worth considering. You can see more about these outboard motors Parsun Engines !

If you do decide to get yourself a new outboard motor, here’s a nice little outboard motor cart to make moving and storing it easier.Outboard Motor Stand

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