Outboard Motor Carts and Stands

I have written about outboard motor stands before, so I apologize if this is a bit of a rehash of things already said. It’s not always well known, but it’s a good idea to store your outboard motor standing up. Plus, if they are already standing, it makes them easier to lift. Even smaller outboards like 9.9 and 15 horsepower motors weigh around 60 or 70 pounds, which may not sound like much until you try to pick it up. I’m not certain, but I think 20 and 25 horsepower outboards weigh in around 80 pounds, if not more.

An ouboard motor stand like this Folding Outboard Motor Cart – 130lb. Capacity
has wheels that make moving the outboard around your garage much easier, whether for storage or to work on it. At our cottage we have to carry the outboards around 50 or so feet from the shed to the water to put them on the boats, which isn’t too bad, but it’s still an appreciable distance when you have a five gallon gas tank in the other hand, a couple of life jackets over your head and two boat oars tucked under your arms…of course the fishing rods are carried down separatly…my father refers to the above mentioned as a ‘lazy man’s load’ I call it epedient when I am trying to get the boat in the water to go fishing….

However, with an outboard motor stand or cart, it is a lot easier to wheel the outboard to the boat and then just lift it from the stand to the boat. That reduces the chances of a nasty fall with a 15 horsepower Johnson outboard landing on my head, or even worse, dropping it on the rocks…

If you have a bigger motor, and remember with outboards size does matter…you might need a bigger outboard motor stand like this
Outboard Motor Cart – 315lb. Capacity

For smaller outboards, this little Outboard Motor Carrier is really not much different than a two wheel dolly, but works for the smaller motors. You could also make one of these if you are handy from a two wheel dolly. You would need to bolt a bracket on to clamp the motor to. I’m thinking a two by six would work fine.

I’m thinking that if I did make one of these out of a two wheel dolly, I would choose a dolly with big wheels on it. I have to traverse some fairly rocky ground at the lakeshore to get to the boat, so bigger wheels would work better. I migh also put a little bigger bottom on the dolly to make it stand up securly with the outboard motor attached.

Sure beats the lift and lug method of outboard motor moving….

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