My Favorite Trout Fishing Lures For Spring

I have mentioned a couple of posts ago, trout fishing season is just around the corner here in my neck of the cottage woods. Ask me if I am excited….are you? The spring is the best time of the year for trout fishing and my favorite time of the year period, perhaps because of the trout fishing.

It’s time to get out the tackle boxes and fly fishing vest and start going over my gear, making sure I am equipped for the season. So I thought it might be time to give up a few of my fishing secrets…or at least talk about some of the fishing lures that work for me.

Let me begin my describing my spring trout fishing. I fish a fairly large lake, about 12 miles long, and the usual method is trolling, that is dragging a lure or bait behind the boat as we navigate along the shoreline, in and out of coves etc.

Nothing elaborate about it, and not something that requires any particular ability. Later in the season, we move to river fishing, usually with flies and fly fishing rods etc, which is a different way of catching fish altogether. For now, I am talking about trolling, lake fishing for speckled trout.

Usually, in the spring, we use bait, and our trolling rig consists of a minnow, a worm and an artificial fly, all on the same line, with the minnow on the end. There isn’t much better than a minnow in the spring for trout. We buy them locally, which can present a problem occasionnally as they can be hard to get. When that happens, we replace the minnow with a conventional lure.

There are only a few lures that I use, if I cannot get minnows. The first is a very effective all around fishing lure, the Eppinger Dardevle Spoons what we refer to as a “red devil”

The red devil comes in several sizes, and is a good lure for trolling or casting from shore, and works very well for trout, and for that matter, bass and other sport fish. I like the medium size of these trout fishing lures, not the smallest one available, and not the largest.

But I often try various sizes of these lures, depending on the water depth. It’s a good idea to have a few sizes in your tackle box.

The second lure we like to use to replace minnows when they are not available, is Original Floating Minnow from Rapala. These floating trout fishing lures can be cast and retrieved, or trolled behind the boat. I find them quite effective, especially the one shown.

This one is also effective later in the summer fished deep for landlock salmon.

Rapala makes lots of minnow style lures and I have tried several, but I still come back to the original one, which seems to work as well as the others, if not better, and is not too expensive. Like the red devil lures, it’s a good idea to have several sizes in your tackle box, what works for me in my lake, may not work for you.

One thing I have found is that if a lure isn’t working, switch it up, try a different one, and if your fishing partner is catching more fish, switch to whatever he or she is using.

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