Moose Decorations For The Cottage

Lately I’ve been thinking about the cottage, (like you haven’t been…) however, rather than just daydreaming about idle summer days in a hammock by the lakeshore, I have been thinking about cottage decor….yup…I said “decor”…I really need to get out in the woods…I think my testosterone levels are dropping….

Anyway, I have been thinking about a theme for the cottage. You know, something to use as a base for decorating….oh my GOD!! I said “decorating” I need a beer and a football game badly.

I decided that I think the cottage would look good with an outdoorsy theme, and so I got to looking at what might be out there that I could buy to spruce the place up. Because I already have a handsome set of moose antlers on the wall at the cottage I went looking for more moose decorations.

I found moose. Lots of moose decorations, which of course is outdoorsy. So I thought I would bring a few of the things I found to you, for your own consideration. Let’s face it, a moose makes a good theme for cottage decor.

To begin with, I think things are going to taste a whole lot better when we start eating off of this 16 – Pc. Moose Lodge Dinnerware Set

In keeping with our moose interior cottage decor, I also like this Moose Lake Big Rack Art Poster Print
It’s 20″X16″ and would look great in one of the bedrooms.

Although this The Moose is Loose Hideaway and Retreat Wooden Sign would look great outdoors, I think it will look even better on the wall in the camp.

For indoors, this In His Domain Moose Throw features a wonderful picture of a moose in his natural habitat, complimented by bold, beautiful colors that bring comfort and warmth into your lodge or cabin. It’s USA made from 100% premium quality cotton on jacquard looms. Measures 70″W x 54″H.

Keeping with the moose theme for the cottage I really like this Queen Size Moose Mountain Bed Set

So there ya go Cottagers! Some moose theme cottage decor. This was kind of fun, we’ll have to do this again sometime. I’m not sure I will go with all moose stuff at the cottage, although I think some more would be great.

As I mentioned, I already have a start in the form of a big set of moose antlers that my grandfather got somewhere. I like to tell people he shot it behind the camp, but the truth is, I think he bought them somewhere….oh well…I can spin a nice story around them.

If you’re looking for some moose related decor to jazz up your cottage, visit our Cottage Chronicles Moose Decor Store!!

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2 thoughts on “Moose Decorations For The Cottage”

  1. You must’ve been reading my mind. You’ll have to check out my recent post on figuring out my log cabin theme! I decided to pick themes for different rooms. Thanks for the moose ideas – I actually have that “moose is loose” sign and will be placing it in our moose-themed bathroom.
    All the best!

  2. You’re very welcome for the moose ideas, stay tuned, I have a couple more ideas coming up. I am doing the same thing with our cottage.
    I love your site by the way.