iCamp Elite Travel Trailers

I mentioned in a previous post that I had attended the local Outdoor RV and Sports Show this past weekend, scoping out all kinds of cool new outdoor products for cottagers, campers, hunters and fishers, and more.

Of course the wife and I strolled through the expensive and expansive motorhomes and travel trailers, pretending we were in the market to buy one, but were having trouble finding one big enough….ha…like we can afford a motorhome….and besides as cottage owners we don’t have much need for one.

But…for some folks their cottage is on wheels, and because they have a bit of wanderlust, their cottage location can change every weekend.

I’m talking about the owners of travel trailers, hardtop tent trailers, motorhomes and tenters. The real campers amongst us.

Well, during our tour of the travel trailers we came across a neat little trailer that is fairly new on the market, but I’m sure is going to catch on because of it’s unique design and low weight.

Those are two factors which will make this travel trailer easy to tow with the smaller vehicles we’re all gonna need if gas prices continue to go up!

The trailer is called the iCamp Elite. The one we looked at was a 14 foot trailer that weighs in at 2366 pounds. These iCamp travel trailers have everything you need including such ammenities as a bathroom, hot water heater, dinette table, shower, and even an iPod ready digital video/audio system for the younger campers or the young at heart.

I couldn’t help but be impressed with the iCamp Elite travel trailer. What a great thing for going fishing, or perhaps on a hunting trip in the fall, or maybe even a cross country vacation. It would also be quite comfortable as a cottage for two people, as long as they were close friends.

At around 70 square feet of interior room, it’s kind of close. But not so close that I couldn’t stand it. Besides, when you’re camping or cottaging you spend most of the day outside anyway.

The iCamp Elite is a fully laminated travel trailer with a fibreglass skin laminated over structural Styroform® made by the Dow Chemical Company and an aluminum frame. Lightweight and stylish this is a nice travel trailer. If I had some extra money kicking around, I would buy one of these iCamp Elite Travel Trailers just to have, it would make a great guest house at the cottage when we aren’t travelling in it.

Of course the problem of cottagers with trailers is that there is only so much summer to go around, at least here in the north. I have learned that you can’t be two places at once…took me 48 years but I learned it. So having a travel trailer and a cottage might be a bit of overkill.

I’m staring retirement in the face in a couple of years, and having a trailer to take down south to warmer climes to escape the frozen northwoods might just make a good plan.

I mean I like going to the cottage in the winter, but not that much….

You can see the iCamp Elite Travel Trailers on their website: iCamp Elite Travel Trailers

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