Fishing Season Around The Bend

I was talking to my father this morning, and of course the talk turned to the cottage and getting down there. It’s been a long winter and he is anxious, like anyone who is almost 90 years old, they don’t particularly have a lot of patience when it comes to time.

Dad is itching to get fishing. I know that, and I also know that trout fishing season doesn’t open until April, so we’ve got a couple of weeks to wait. He’s spent the last two or three months watching fishing shows on television and I know, even at 90 he is longing to catch a trout. Although he is a little annoyed that they don’t give free fishing licences to seniors anymore.

He and I have spent a lot of time together with fishing rods in our hands, and hopefully we’ll get to spend some more time in the boat. His advancing years, (and mine) make fishing in April a little more of a challenge around here, because of the cold, he can’t stand too much of it, and to be honest, neither can I. Too many days of near frostbite rabbit and duck hunting seems to have left me more susceptible to the cold than I ever was.

In his case, poor circulation takes it’s toll, and I have to be careful his feet don’t freeze and he doesn’t know it…that makes for a challenge…The trouble is, I forget he is three months from 90 and I am three months from 49…when we’re together, I’m 15 or 16 and he’s 55 or 56….we’re both not quite as capable as we once were….but one thing about it, with any luck I know I will still be fishing at 90…gotta like that…

But come the first of the fishing season, as soon as the weather gets half decent, not hot, but not freezing cold, we’ll pick a day and head for the camp, fishing rods outboard motors, worms and minnows at the ready and go trolling. He was reminding me of the need to get new spark plugs for the Evinrude, and oil, “What about oil? For the motor, Have you got any yet? Is that place still there for buying minnows? We need minnows.”

Yup, 90 years old, sharp as a tack. I’m not surprised, his uncles traipsed two miles back into a little old log cabin very similar to the one in the painting in my sidebar, on a backwoods lake until they were well up into their late 80’s. One guy even carried an oxygen cylinder because he couldn’t breath…but he still went fishing.

So, I am off to the store to buy a couple litres of outboard motor oil, and some new minnow hooks. Time to get the fishing bag out and go over the gear, make sure I am stocked up on everything…and oh yeah, some Battery Heated Socks!

Apparently we like our fishing in my family….

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