First Visit To The Cottage 2008

My 89 year old father and I made our first trip of the year to the cottage last weekend. Yes, I said 89 years old…well someone has to cook lunch…so I took him….ha! We had a great day, father and son, even though the son is catching up to the father in age….

The snow was mostly gone, enough that I was able to drive right to the camp, albeit in 4 wheel drive, but we made it no problem.

The good news was the cottage was safe and sound. No break-ins, no critters like mice or squirrels, no bears eating the frozen canned goods. It was just like we left it in the fall, although a little colder…man it was cold in that camp.

However, it wasn’t long before I had a fire going in the woodstove and we plugged in the electric heater and by lunch time the place was warmed up enough to take off our coats and sit down at the table to eat. Canned beans and sandwiches, my father is a great short order cook, as he likes to say.

I was surprised and pleased to see that most of the ice was out of the lake, meaning when fishing season opens, we won’t have to wait. The aluminum boats are all in one piece, waiting to be turned over and put into the water. All and all, things were in great shape.

I noticed the woodpile isn’t as high as I would like it to be, suggesting I have some work ahead of me, so I eyed a few of the old trees in the back woodlot and figured out which ones will be coming down soon, and turned into kindling and firewood. We’ve got a fair bit of old white and red spruce trees, which are softwood and therefore not the best for firewood, but they do make good kindling. Not only that, some of the old spruce trees, when dried long enough, make half decent firewood for spring and early summer fires.

Of course I also had a look at the wharf and decided it needs to be burned up and a new one built, so I know I have lots of firewood for campfires, but also some work ahead of me building a new wharf.

One thing that is annoying the hell out of me, is the paint on the camp. We painted it a few years ago, red, it’s always been red, and in fact, I can’t picture it any other color. But…the red paint is fading, not peeling, just fading, and the white primer underneath must be showing through. The camp is turning pink….oh my god…I cannot have a pink camp….it’s not a Mary Kay camp….so looks like this summer might mean a paint job is in order.

Long story short, Dad and I had a great day at the camp. Thoroughly enjoyed by both of us, and we even squeezed in a visit to one of his old buddies, who lives on the lake, and is past 95….must be something in the water…..

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