Cottage Water Systems Book – Review

Another useful book for cottagers is one that I have mentioned here before, probably on several occasions, but that is because I know how handy a book it is to have around the camp. It’s the Cottage Water Systems: An Out-of-the-City Guide to Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification, and Privies

This is a good book for new cottagers in particular, or anyone who wants to know more about the various water systems at their cottage, be that wells, water pumps, plumbing, purification systems, and even information about outhouses, such as designing and building one.

Composting toilets are also discussed, an alternative that more and more cottagers are turning to as septic systems become more expensive to install and maintain.

One of the chapters that I found very useful discusses shutting off the water for winter, a very popular topic here at The Cottage Chronicles.

At home, in the city, the water system is mostly a function of the city water commission and a plumber…you turn on a tap and you have water. At the cottage, it is often a function of the cottager.

There are wells and water lines, pumps and septic systems, and lots more ‘stuff’ and that means stuff that can go wrong. Getting the “water on” in the spring is like a milestone for cottagers, one that they must cross each spring.

Knowing a little about the system can be very helpful. Not to mention how difficult it can be to find a plumber in cottage country.

What’s even nicer about this book is that unlike so many manuals regarding things like plumbing, the author has included a little humor to his writing, making it a much easier read. He is also quick to point out when you should contact a professional or search other sources for information.

Even though I have been monkeying around with plumbing systems at the cottage for years, I still found the 152 pages of information in Cottage Water Systems helpful.

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