When The Cottage Is Best

Is it just me, or is anyone else missing their cottage? It’s a long winter around here when you get to the February part, long…gruelling…tiresome. Sometimes we go to the cottage for an overnight through the winter, just to break things up, check on the place and have fun surviving, but not this year, just too much going on.

Stuff has a way of getting in the way of going to the cottage, especially in the winter. I don’t mind it as much this time of year as I do in the summer, so I give a little now, because I am not so giving in July.

Lately though I have been having trouble sleeping, but I have found the cure. I close my eyes and think about the cottage, just about dusk on a mid June evening. The shadows are long and getting dark, the frogs are croaking in the little swamp behind the camp, and a loon is calling on the lake. That’s just about all it takes before I am asleep.

Around here, in the Northeast, June often holds some of the nicest cottage weather, long days, good fishing, and warm evenings are a welcome change from the cold of February. Those are the days I love to be at the camp, June, and well, July too…and hmmm, August can be nice, and of course the fall colors make September and October pleasant. That’s before the gray days of November, which of course is deer hunting season, another nice time at the cottage…Come to think of it, April and May are pretty good for speckled trout fishing…So that just leaves December, January, February, and March. Sometimes on a full moon, nights at the cottage can be nice those months too….so clear, the night sky full of stars….the sound of a flock of Canada Geese honking as they fly past heading for open water off the coast…

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure there is anytime that it isn’t good at the cottage….

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