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I noticed a link on the Blogger home page tonight under the Blog’s of Note heading, and had to have a look because it was about building a log cabin. Ahh…a log cabin…the cottage of my dreams, and judging by the number of websites and blogs about log cabins that I subsequently came across, the dream of a lot of other folks as well.

There is something about a log cabin that attracts me, especially pictures of log cabins in winter. They just look so damm…well…cosy…compared to my mostly summer cottage which just looks so damm cold in winter. Thoughts of a log cabin nestled in the pines on the shore of a frozen lake always conjures up visions of early pioneers, trappers and woodsmen (and women) snuggled inside their cabin, tanning beaver skins or whatever it was they did on those long cold nights.

It’s always been a secret wish of mine to replace our cottage with a log cabin, and who knows, someday that just might happen. Lately I find myself standing around surveying the property imagining where I will build it. I have the spot already picked out, and as I keep telling my wife, “one of these days Alice…one of these days…” of course her name isn’t Alice, but she always laughs when I say that…she also laughs when I suggest tearing down the camp and building a log cabin. No sense of adventure….

Anyway, Shelley and Greg are building a wonderful log cabin in Northern Michigan, and keeping us all informed of their progress, complete with pictures and information about the progress they are making and the good and bad of what is involved in log home and cabin construction. For example, consider how wide the staircase is going to be when designing the floorplan. This is an interesting blog for cottage owners, and folks considering log cabin construction.

Pop in on them, I think they like company, you can find Shelley and Greg at Building A Log Cabin

Speaking of log cabins, through a link on Shelley and Greg’s blog, I came across Building A Log Cabin In Alaska on the Alaska Antlerworks website. This is the fantastic work of Aaron and his wife, who, as the writer of the website doesn’t seem to mention her name, or if she does, I missed it. Sorry.

But…I was absolutely enthralled for over an hour as I read through their site, looking at the pictures. The two of them got married and bought five acres in Alaska and built themselves a cabin. Really built a cabin. This is the stuff that makes me want to feed the hunger of my youth, quit my job, pack up my wife and poodle, and head straight for Alaska or the Yukon. I always wanted to go there. Now I know I do….oh boy…this is gonna be hard to tell my wife, I don’t think she shares the same wish…she would prefer I packed her off to the Bahamas or somewhere warm. Oh well….

There is some great advice for those of us considering log cabin building, as well as some lessons learned, and some ideas that could be incorporated into our own log cabin endeavors in both of the above sites. For example, Aaron built some pretty cool covers for his windows that are kind of like a draw bridge and can be drawn up from inside if a bear comes around, the rest of the time they work as a floor for their outside deck…wait a minute…did I say bears….oh my…Alaska eh…they also carry pistols when they are berry picking…bears again…hmmm I wonder if they build log cabins in The Bahamas?

There ya go, two interesting log cabin building blogs, check them out, you won’t be sorry.
Building A Log Cabin In Alaska (Aaron and ?)
Building A Log Cabin (Shelley and Greg’s site)

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4 thoughts on “Building A Log Cabin”

  1. Thank you for mentioning our log cabin blog! And what a treat to find yours! My hubby and are settling down tonight to read from your 1st post down to your most recent. You have a new fan! (By the way – a gentleman who bought my dad’s old cottage always wanted a log cabin too, he put log siding on it and it looked wonderful!)I agree with you – there IS just something about having a log cabin in winter. Now I just need to find the perfect gas stove fireplace to emit that perfect glow from the cabin windows at night! Shelley

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