Longing For The Cottage

This is turning into a long winter away from my cottage and I am starting to show signs of missing it….The weather hasn’t been all that cooperative this year in terms of getting there for a weekend away. It seems that every time that we talk about packing up and heading to the camp for the weekend, it snows, or the forecast calls for snow, enough to discourage us from leaving the cozy comforts of home to rough it.

In my younger days, I may not have let that stop me, so what if it snows, I have a
4X4, but as I near fifty, the bravado of youth is giving way to the lazy sensiblity of age, and I find that I just don’t have the same drive as I used to. It’s hard to leave the warmth and comfort of home and head to a place where survival is a matter of cutting a whole in the ice for water, and keeping enough wood on the fire to stave off hypothermia….

This winter has been particularly cruel as far as getting to the camp is concerned. A lot of snow and then rain, making our cottage driveway a tricky piece of automobile navigation. My neighbor has probably plowed the road, which means he probably piled the snow up in front of my driveway, which means I couldn’t get by it anyway….I hope he didn’t….

Not too many years ago, my wife and I spent the better part of this week, the week after Christmas at the cottage, braving the snowstorm that happened, and the cold that followed, to enjoy a relaxing week amid the pines and spruce trees laden down with snow and ice…it was fun….burnt about a cord of wood but it was fun….

It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and nowhere is that more true than in the cottager lifestyle. Cottagers are always longing to get to the cottage, not just in the good weather, but any weather. Sometimes the longing part is actually better than the going….at least that’s how I think about it these days. I cannot wait for the first signs of spring, for the good weather to find us. For those Friday nights loading the Chevy with coolers and clothes, books and the chainsaw, maybe some new boards for the steps, or perhaps a second hand chair that will look great down there and so on.

Those are good days of cottages…days that I hope are not too far away….

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