The Aftermath of the Storm – Checking the Cottage

With nothing to do home but stare at each other, the wife and I headed for the cottage this afternoon. The reason we had nothing to do is because we have just made it through a ‘post tropical storm’ and the power was off.

I thought it might be a good idea to make sure the cottage had survived the ravages of high wind and rain, and I am happy to report it did. The worst I could find was an aluminum boat blown off the blocks of wood I had it sitting on, and a spruce tree snapped off at about five feet above the ground. Nothing to it. I put the boat back on the blocks, and sized the tree up for it’s firewood potential. It’s going to make fine kindling.

We didn’t stay too long, had a quick stroll around the neighbors places, they all looked to be OK, so we headed for home. There is a certain piece of mind that comes with being able to pop down to the cottage on a whim and check it out. I cannot imagine what it must be like for those cottagers who have to drive for hours, or even worse, go by boat to reach their places. Sure, that might be ok in the summer or in good weather, but an afternoon at the camp seems like a lot of work if you have to launch a boat to do it.

The weather had cleared up just fine and it was a lovely day there. We pulled the last of the little carrots growing in the garden and brought them home. We’ll have a feed or two of some nice young carrots, none to long, but most of them had fattened up nicely. That’s one of the beauties of cottage garden. We don’t get much out of it in terms of effort, but what we do get is kind of special. On the other hand, I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it after it’s planted either, having just a little too much other stuff to do, like fish and boat….and lay around in the sun…or paint the cottage…fix the wharf….stare at the lake….well you know what I mean.

If I hadn’t been able to get there today, it would have been on my mind. Not real worry mind you, knowing that I had the cottage prepared for a storm, but nonetheless I would still be wondering. No matter how much I prepare, you just never know.

Oh yeah…the power came back on here about an hour ago….I was in bed….asleep…I got up to get at my blog!! Ha Ha I am so addicted….

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