The Cottage Tires Me Out

I don’t know if it is my age, or if I am just in poor physical condition from too much blogging and not enough exercising, but I am always tired out when I come back from the cottage. Last night following a full day of closing the cottage activities I came home, had a nap, blogged for a little while then went to bed. I slept until 10 this morning….I never sleep beyond 6 or 7 most weekends.

It could be the amount of work I try to squeeze into one day at the camp, or the type of work it is, outdoors and physical. I’m sure the fresh air plays a role as well, not being used to be outside all day long most of the time.

My Dad says the same thing used to happen to him following a weekend at the cottage. He says he was always coming home Sunday night tired out, so I assume it is part and parcel of owning one. There is always so much to do and what seems like so little time to do it.

I work at an office job all week, then I spend a good deal of time on the computer in the evenings at home blogging. I suppose it is only natural for my body to react to a sudden change in the way I am using it on Saturday when I start pulling on a chain saw or swinging a splitting maul over my head to chop some wood.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, just commenting. It’s a good kind of tired, at least I know I did something….

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