Renovating A Cottage

If you have lots of money, and good health, plenty of free time, a truck, carpentry, plumbing, electrical skills and a few friends just like you, then you might be a good candidate to renovate a cottage. If you are like me, with less than adequate skills at anything other than eating and sleeping and maybe a little fishing, you might not be a good candidate for cottage renovations.

Cottages require a lot of work. I know I have said that before and it’s not to try and discourage you from buying a cottage. It’s a fact. That is all there is to it, owning a cottage means you have somewhere to go every weekend and you have something to do every weekend.

Due in part to their seasonal nature, and often their less than perfect original construction, cottages tend to run down faster than houses. It may also be because many of them are up on posts, and don’t have year round heat or climate controls. Couple that with being handy to water, and therefore moisture, as well as shade from trees and you have a recipe for rot. That’s why folks pull up carpet intending to lay a new one only to find the floor is missing, rotted away from water leaking in somewhere….that is one example, there are lots more, I bet you will find it hard to locate a cottager who has been a cottager for awhile who doesn’t have a similar story.

Personally, the above is one of the reasons I like owning a cottage, the projects, something to do, a never ending list of jobs that need doing, giving me purpose. Otherwise I would soon get bored just fishing and hunting, going boating, swimming, flying a kite, lazing around in the sun drinking, or other less productive pasttimes.

I stumbled upon a blog called Project Cottage which certainly highlights some of the stuff that goes into renovating a cottage. The blogger recently purchased a lakefront cottage and has embarked upon a journey of cottage repair, renovation and refurbishment. It is kind of interesting to read about the project and the stuff he has encountered as he goes about fixing up his fixerupper. He has lots of pictures too which make it a good read. If you have an opportunity drop over to Project Cottage and have a look. I have no idea where he is from as that doesn’t seem to be mentioned in his blog, but the cottage looks like your typical North American cottage so I guess he is somewhere around…well…um…North America….The thing is though, his cottage and the stuff he is running into as he goes about his renovation are pretty similar to what the rest of us could expect with an older cottage.

Although I am almost constantly renovating my cottage, I am really only doing small upgrades and repairs, not a major renovation. I’ve discussed the renovation or cottage makeover ideas with a carpenter friend of mine who quite politely pointed out that I might be better off to tear it down and just start over……not sure what he meant by that…..

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