Practical Cottage Composting

If you are interested in composting, but don’t want to be bothered with the upkeep of a composter, or your composter is full and you don’t want to buy another one, I came across a tip for fall leaf composting that sounds like an excellent idea.

You’ll notice I said ‘idea’ because I don’t know for sure that this works. So here is all there is to it.

Don’t rush to rake the leaves off your lawn until the last one has fallen. Then mow your grass with the leaves on top, mulching them up, or at least cutting them up. Then rake up the grass clippings and the leaves, put them in green or black garbage bags. Put a shovel full of dirt inside the bag with the leaves and grass clippings.

Tie the bag up and poke holes in it.Put the bags somewhere will they will get the sun during the winter as the warmth of it will help to break down the contents. Next year, if this works as it should, you will have some compost for your cottage vegetable or flower garden, lawn or to put around trees.

Sounds like a nice afternoon work for someday in November at the cottage….

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