Cottage Water Systems

As a cottager, I think that this book, Cottage Water Systems: An Out-of-the-City Guide to Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification, and Privies by Max Burns may be one of the finest Christmas gifts I could recieve and I am sure that the cottage handy person in your life will feel the same way.

Cottage water systems are unique, different from most city water systems and in many cases, unique unto themselves, that is, different from even the guy next door. Many cottage water systems have been developed, built, heck, sometimes invented, by a cottager, often a cottager without much in the way of plumbing experience. If you buy or inherit just such a cottage it is going to be in your best interests to learn as much as you can about all the water systems including, pumps, plumbing, water purification, even the old outhouse out back. Yes, there is even some science around the single holer you like to visit for those quiet, private times….
Here is a look at some of the chapter headings that will give you an idea of how comprehensive and useful this book will be to a cottager:

Sources of Cottage Water
Hooking Up The Pipes
Checking Water Quality
Purifying Water
Septic Systems
Alternative Toilets
Grey Water
Closing and Opening Up
Developing a System You Can Use All Winter
Where to find More Info

This is the book I wished I had owned long ago when I first crawled underneath my cottage to try and get the plumbing working. It’s also the book I had when I crawled underneath my cottage recently….it’s also the book I could have used when our septic system took a turn for the worst last year, in other words, I wish I had owned this book before I ever saw a cottage water system up close and personal…especially the septic system…..

Another great Cottage Christmas Gift, and probably more useful than a Aerial Photo Airplane

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