Close Up The Cottage

Yhis was the day chosen to close the cottage…a sad day that happens every year, no matter how much we try to put it off. The inevitable fall begins and you know that the day is coming near.

In past years I have left closing the cottage until later, but usually ended up reqretting it as disconecting the water pump usually leaves me wet, and wet and cold is not a good thing. So today my wife and I made the drive to the cottage and shut it down. Not completely, we’ll still go back for the odd day trip or even a weekend, but not like we do in the spring and summer.

So while my wife started defrosting the refridgerator and packing the food to go home, I disconnected the water pump and began draining the system. I am not going to go through all of that again here, if you need to know how I do it, you can find a complete post on Shutting Off the Water here!

When I was through with the water, I got the garden tiller out and ran it through the vegetable garden, grinding up the weeds and leftover plants, making natural compost right in the garden. Then I ran a little bit of gas stabilizer, which I swear by for my small engines, through the tiller and put it away. Then the lawn furniture was packed away in the shed, and the boats checked to make sure they were locked up tight, and secure for the winter.

I loaded my Chevy Tracker with the food, the Evinrude Outboard, some clothes, and miscellaneous things I always take home, and with a nod to the lake, we were off, on our way home. All told, including the one hour drive each way, it took us about 6 hours. Not bad, plus had a few minutes to enjoy looking at the lake and the autumn leaves turning bright red, orange and yellow across the lake.

It’s never a good day when you close the cottage, but it’s good to have it done as we turn to other things now that the fall is here, and winter not far away. I will be back down there in about a month, hopefully for a little deer hunting, but for the most part, we’re done for this year.

This wasn’t exactly a power year down there, didn’t get a lot done, except the crackfilling the gyprock in the living room and bedrooms. That in itself was a major undertaking for two guys, one of whom, me, shouldn’t be allowed near drywall goop….

So now it’s time to plan for next year, something to look forward to.

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