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If you’re like me and I know you are, you sometimes like to think of cool projects, especially cottage related projects. I have always had a hankering to build a boat, and have written about that before. Lately I have been considering another option along the same boating lines, modifying the boat I have to make it more useful.

There are lots of guys doing the same thing, modifying existing boats to suit their purposes, such as fishing or camping. One of the most popular boat modifications are converting jon boats and other aluminum boats to ‘bass fishing boats’

Now I am not much of a bass fisher, more a trout and salmon guy, but I am not adverse to a little bass fishing when the opportunity arises. Besides, the same modifications that make a good bass boat also make a good trout boat.

There are lots of ways to convert your aluminum utility runabout to a cool looking fishing boat that will make you the envy of your cottage neighbors. Things like framing up the inside and carpeting it, adding electronics like fish finders and battery powered trolling motors, steering wheels and remote throttle controls, lights and padded seats. The point is, an aluminum hull is just the starting point, you can take it from “just a boat” to “what a boat!” in a few weekends of work. Assuming you are handy…like me….LOL….or if you are really like me…you know someone who is handy that would enjoy a project like this…..

Customizing a boat is a little like customizing a car or truck, it’s hard to know when to stop. Nowadays with the internet it is so easy to get parts or even plans, as well as ideas that it makes boat building or customizing quite a bit easier.

A lot of guys are turning their jon-boats into modified bass boats, making them more comfortable for a day on their favorite bass fishing lake. However, you also need to remember everything you add to a boat makes it that much heavier, which can slow you down on the water, and definitely makes it harder to pull your boat up and down out of the water. However, if you use a trailer, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The other thing you need to think about is whether or not you number 1) acutally need a modified bass fishing boat, and number two, would it be cheaper to buy one already modified? That answer is up to you. If you are in an area with lots of bass fishing, you probably will benefit from a bass boat, and you will probably be able to buy one second hand fairly reasonably. On the other hand, doing it yourself gives you the opportunity to build exactly what you want, and gives you the satisfaction of saying you did it when the guys are drooling over it around the boat launch….hopefully some girls will be drooling over it too and then you have it made!

If the idea of having a modified bass boat tied to your cottage wharf appeals to you and you have some money and some spare time, along with a boat, I suggest you head over to the Jon-boat conversion pages and have a look at what some of the bass anglers are doing with their boats.

I also recommend Ultimate Bass Boats by Monte Burch, a good book about bass boats and converting your boat and The Bass Boat Bible by Earl Bentz.

If the idea doesn’t interest you, why not spend some time browsing my sidebar, I have lots of posts about cottages just waiting to be read!

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