Starcraft Trailers

This was a little different weekend at the cottage for us. Instead of spending it in the cottage, we spent Friday night outside on the front lawn in a Starcraft folding tent trailer. Well, it was folded up when we were inside of it.

Friends of ours won the 2008 Starcraft 1701 camper on a local radio station, FX101, and brought it to our cottage to try it out. So we were invited to the inaugural campout in the Starcraft trailer.

It was my first time to sleep in a Starcraft trailer, or any kind of tent trailer, and I have to say it was quite nice. Starcraft trailers are well made. I was comfortable, warm, and cosy, and slept just fine. Friday night was beautiful, although we woke up Saturday morning to high wind and rain, just what you don’t want in a tent trailer….perhaps, but in the Starcraft trailer, things were nice and comfortable, and with the furnace on, it was downright toasty. None of that damp feeling you get in a tent when it rains.

It was so comfortable, that later in the day, when the boredom of the rain had me tired out, I snuck away from my wife and friends, crawled back in the Starcraft trailer and had a great afternoon nap listening to the wind and rain.

As a cottager since I was a baby, my travel trailer and folding tent trailer experience has been limited. However, I have to say, the Starcraft was fun. Easy to set up and take down too. I have often wondered what they would be like.

This one has a stove, both inside and out, an icebox, furnace and several other options, nice lighting package and a bright, comfortable interior. The bunks are comfortable, although I think just a wee bit more padding might be nice. The floorspace is well laid out, and with four people, it didn’t feel cramped, although the table is a bit on the small side.

The next night, my wife and I slept in the cottage, mainly to give the new trailer owners a little privacy in their new cottage on wheels. I was a little disappointed to not be crawling into the Starcraft trailer, but when my head hit the pillow in my camp, I wasn’t long drifting off to sleep.

You can visit the Starcraft trailer website Here! You can also get lots of camping supplies Here!

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