Outboard Motor Carts

After a previous post that mentioned plans for building an outboard motor stand, I noticed some interest on the part of my readers for this type of thing, so I thought I would see what I could find. Here is one that is suitable for outboards up to 30 horsepower, which should be quite adequate for most.

If your motor is bigger than 30 horsepower you need more than a simple outboard motor stand. In fact, you probably don’t take it off the boat.

As you can see this Outboard Motor Cart – 130lb. Capacity also has wheels to make moving your outboard easier, and this can be used to take the motor to the boat, or take it off the boat etc. It even has space to strap on a gas can.

This outboard motor stand has a capacity of 130 pounds and doubles as a cart for moving your outboard motor or a stand for working on it.

Beside the one shown, here is another place to purchase an outboard motor cart among other things boat related.

Of course if you are a do-it-yourselfer and I know you are, there is always the plans I mentioned in my earlier Cottage Chronicles post, How To Build An Outboard Motor Stand

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