Getting Rid Of Mice – Redeux

Little did I know when I was researching and writing an earlier post called Getting Rid of Mice At the Cottage that I would have to go back and read my own post to refresh my mind on how to get rid of mice…

Yup…we got mice. Or maybe just mouse, I sure hope it’s just one mouse, because he is dead. But this isn’t at the cottage, this is at home. I walked into the laundry/furnace room tonight where my wife was busy ironing some clothes. Happened to look down and there was a mouse, dead, his little legs wrapped around the copper pipe that takes oil from the oil tank to the furnace.

I dunno what killed the little mouse, maybe licking the oily pipe, maybe our little poodle killed him and left him there, or maybe he just died of boredom sitting in the furnace room watching me blogging.

Of course this is not a good thing. Yes he was dead, but it’s been my experience that mice are seldom loners. If you find one, you are probably going to find more at least until you discover how they might be getting into the house, and as I believe I mentioned in my earlier mouse post it doesn’t take much of an opening for mice to get inside. As well, the fall is when they start to take a serious look around at their outdoor surroundings and figure out it would be a darn sight more comfortable inside the house.

We’re on lock-down around here now, no holding the door open while waiting for the dog to go outside and do his business, the door gets opened, he goes out and the door gets shut until he comes back. The garage door is going to be put up just long enough to get whatever is inside out, or whatever is outside in, and then it’s to be closed. No more leaving it open while I work on the car.

Now my wife is a little squeamish about going in to the furnace room, which of course is a bit of a problem for me, because as I mentioned, our furnace room doubles as a laundry room….and she won’t go in….there are only two of us here most of the time….that leaves me doing the laundry.

I wonder if she found the mouse dead outside and planted it there…..

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