Firewood For The Cottage

This being the fall and all, a young man’s heart turns to firewood….well his mind does, particularly if that young man owns a cottage and is hoping to spend some time at the cottage when the weather turns colder. It’s especially important if his cottage has a woodstove….like mine does.

Yes, it’s time to get the winter wood cut, split and piled. In fact, if I was a smarter cottager I would have done it in the spring so the wood would have all summer to dry and season in the sun. I have read that wood shouldn’t be burned in the first year after it has been cut but I have seldom had the luxury of leaving my woodpile alone for a year.

Nope, most of the time, I cut it and pile it and in no time I burn it. I do try to burn the oldest first, keeping in mind the dangers of green wood in terms of creosote buildup in the chimney, not to mention it just doesn’t burn as well as seasoned wood.

I think it depends to some extent on the wood as well, or the type of wood. Fir for instance, a softwood, seems to dry quite quickly, particularly if it is split smaller and allowed some time in the sun. However, fir and spruce are softwoods and don’t burn as hot as hardwood, so they don’t give as much heat. We find it just right for spring and summer, as well as early fall, particularly if it is mixed with some hardwood like maple or birch.

Most of the time, the type of wood I burn depends on the trees in my little woodlot. Sometimes it is a spruce or two that fall to the chainsaw and sometimes a maple or birch. I don’t have a lot of variety, and infact my woodlot is pretty darn small, but it’s amazing how much wood can come from one mature tree. Let’s face it, we are only there on weekends, and not every weekend when the weather turns cold, so we don’t burn a lot of wood. Usually less than half a cord. By the way, a cord of wood measures 4 feet wide, 4 feet high, and eight feet long….give or take…just so you know. Usually a pickup truck bed, doesn’t hold quite a cord, regardless of what the wood seller may claim. Just thought you should know….

So, it’s time to get the chainsaw gased up and sharpened and get cutting, let the chips fall…..

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