Fall At The Cottage

Hey Cottager’s !!Well it had to happen and it did…Labour Day Weekend has arrived and actually passed…oh my…where did the cottage summer go? Yup, it’s here, September, the kids are heading back to school and suddenly summer and the cottage are memories.

I know, I know, we’ll have some good cottage weather in September, still good for going to the cottage. But ya know…it just isn’t the same. I don’t know why, it just feels different. Gone are the long days of June and July, the warm waters for swimming and the anticipation of summer vacation, those three weeks of bliss spent at our lakeshore cottage.

I took the Evinrude outboard off the aluminum boat today and pulled the boat up to high ground anticipating a rise in what are surprisingly already high lake water levels. I’ve also got the wharf secured a bit better in case of heavy winds and I know my next visit will mean I will be taking it out of the water. Why is is so hard to take out but so easy to put in?

Our cottage garden is on the wane now too, the beans harvested, the carrots still growing, and the cucumbers…well…let’s just say we don’t need to get out the pickle jars..the cukes were a bit of a disappointment this year. Even the whitetail deer are a little disappointed with my gardening skills, choosing my cottage neighbors garden over mine for a late night snack.

Now is the time I have to turn my attention to things other than the garden and swimming, now it’s time to consider preparing for winter. New shutters to make, and outboard motors to prepare for winter. It’s not time yet, but the water will soon have to be shut off, and the plumbing system drained to protect it from winter freeze ups. Mind you, I don’t mind any of these jobs, they are still cottage jobs which is a good thing, but….they all signal the end of the lazy hazy crazy days of summer and the onset of the chillin’ killin’ days of autumn….

Why can’t it be summer forever….?

By the way, if you are thinking about draining your own cottage plumbing system, or preparing your outboard motor for winter, you can find what I believe are helpful posts in the righthand sidebar to those topics or you can just click Here for outboards and Here for cottage winterizing

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