Cottage Prices Across Canada

Hey Cottagers! Welcome to the Cottage Chronicles….ya know I really don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with that name…the cottage chronicles…but anyway, that’s now what I was planning to talk about tonight.

As a cottage owner, we all know the investment in money, time, sweat equity and so on that goes into owning and maintaining a cottage. As well, I’m sure you have heard what I hear from most of my visitors to the cottage, “I’d love to have a place like this!”

Yeah well, so would a lot of people until they find out how much a cottage costs, and how much work and money goes into upkeep, taxes, repairs, wharve, boats, heat and lights etc….cottages are not cheap to own, real estate may be a great investment, but it isn’t cheap.

With that in mind, I thought I would have a look at the Multiple Listing Service to get an idea of what cottage prices are across Canada right now. To be honest, I more or less just looked for the first cottage property that came up, preferably with waterfrontage, either river, lake or ocean, minimum 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, otherwise, nothing particularly elaborate. I didn’t always pick the first cottage to come up in the search replies, but I didn’t go far down the list either, as the price went up and up…

So here goes.

In Ontario, on St Joseph Island, you can own a seasonal cottage with a propane wall heater, guest cabin with sauna and shower, ready to move in, for $94,900.

In Nova Scotia for $89,900 you can own 100′ direct lakefrontage on Lake Torment. Purchase includes all furnishings & appliances.

In Newfoundland you can buy a barn style cottage on a private 200×200 lot. This main floor has an open concept kitchen,living & dining room.Second floor open loft,design to your own specific needs. It is not on the water, but does have access to the waterfront & wharf. It’s $24,500.

Over on Prince Edward Island, a 2 bedroom, unfinished cottage, new construction with well and septic and waterfront is on the market for $54,000.

In Quebec…well…it was in French ok…but I think the listing said a 3 season chalet with water and septic and a gazebo will run you $21,500.

In Manitoba, you’ll spend $36,900 for a riverfront, 2 bedroom cottage with an above ground water supply pulling water from the river and a wood stove.

In Alberta, the apparent land of milk and honey, especially it seems for displaced Maritimers, a 2 bedroom cottage with power, water, sewer and a new woodstove will set you back $99,900 and it’s not quite on the lake, but you are close and you do have lake access.

Out in Saskatchewan a two bedroom lakefront cottage with bathroom, eat in kitchen, wood stove and propane heater (it gets cold in Saskatchewan) is going for an asking price of $46,900, and it has bunk beds on the bedroom walls in case you have company.

For the truly adventuresome cottager, you can get yourself a waterfront property in the Yukon with a ranch style house, with a dock and outbuildings for $189,900. I couldn’t find any cottages for sale in the Yukon, but if you got the bucks, this sounds like a nice spot….albeit a little chilly in winter.

So there you have it, far from a comprehensive list, but it is a snapshot of the kind of prices that cottages are selling for across Canada. I’m sure the prices vary, and I’m sure that the Yukon does have a cottage for sale somewhere that is a little less expensive than $189,900, I just didn’t find one for sale right now.

I did notice a couple of things as I browsed the listings, a lot of places are offered on either leased land, or they are timeshares…be careful with both of those types of cottage real estate or you may find yourself with not exactly an ideal situation. I couldn’t find what I wanted in British Columbia at all, but that might just be the way I was searching, I’m sure that there is a cottage for sale somewhere in British Columbia, I just couldn’t find it.

Be careful how much you go in debt for a cottage as well, don’t forget you are going to want to buy a boat as soon as you get there….

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