Stingray Boats

Regular readers of The Cottage Chronicles know that we are boat lovers around here. Perhaps because our cottage is on a lake more than 12 miles long, or perhaps because we just love zipping across the water with the wind in our hair, or sliding over our bald heads…nonetheless we love boats.

You’ll also know that I have it in my head to perhaps build a boat in the next few years, so I am looking at different styles and boat plans with an eye to the one that I might build.

Because of that from time to time I like to surf around the net a little looking for boat websites and looking at the new models and plans for building boats. Occasionally when I am doing that I come across not boat building plans but websites of existing boat manufacturers like the one I found today for Stingray Boats. Stingray manufacture some really fine fibreglass speedboats in many different designs and styles.

It was interesting to look at the designs and wish but here is the part that is really cool. Stingray Boats gives their customers, purchasers of their boats, a webpage on the Stingray site where purchasers of their boats can post their boating pictures! I just spent the last 45 minutes looking at various pics of boats and boating and in particular, the hot looking girls who go boating. Lots of pictures of the owners of Stingray boats, many of whom appear to be hotties in bikini’s….

Maybe I gotta rethink this wooden boat building thing……

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