Reasons Why An Aluminum Boat is the Best Cottage Boat

I seem to be on a boat ‘kick’ these days, must have something to do with summer and water and waves, the smell of outboard exhaust wafting over the deck, the kidney jarring thrill as my aluminum boat crashes into a wave and then flies over the next. I dunno, I am just a boater I guess. That might explain the smile on my face and the glint in my eye every time I turn the throttle to full and tell my wife to “hang on!”

If you’re a frequent reader to The Cottage Chronicles, and these days who isn’t? You know that I am a lover of aluminum boats and thinking about building a wooden boat….go figure…I am a man of many moods and ideas….

I haven’t for a moment forgotten my plans to build a wooden boat, but that is something a little different, that is more a hankering to create something, to take whatever time it requires and build something with my own hands and power tools. In no way should my desire to build a wooden boat be construed as turning my back from my belief that an open aluminum boat is the most useful boat a cottager, fisherman or fisherwoman, (I hate the new non-sexist word, “fisher” sounds like the little furry animal to me)now where was I? Oh Yeah, an open aluminum boat is in my belief the most useful, versatile, economical and troublefree boat a cottager can have.

1)No need to paint them. You can if you want, but it’s not necessary. In fact, maintenance of an aluminum boat is….um…well…I don’t think there is any required…

2) Light and easy to pull up and down from the water, or put on a trailer or car top by yourself while your wife and kids all disappear into the bathroom or whereever they go when you start dragging on boats.

3)Winter storage is a little complicated. Flip it upside down on the lawn, chain it to a nearby tree….walk away…go home….you’re not needed for anything else…

4)You don’t need 175 hp outboard to go fast on the lake. Although the idea of a 175 on my 14 foot aluminum boat does sound kind of fun….in a daredevil kind of way….

5)If they fill up with water during a rainstorm, you just pull the plug and let it drain out like a bathtub…and speaking of bathtubs…

6)Pull it up on the lawn, fill it with water in the morning on a hot sunny day, by noon you will have water warm enough for a lovely cottage bath…give your neighbors something to talk about, get your wife to get in the ‘boat bathtub’ with ya….

7)Aluminum boat seats wipe dry in seconds so those early morning fishing trips with dew on the seats won’t be a hindrance, your jeans will soak up the dampness in seconds…

8) When your buddy with the big fibreglass speedboat runs out of gas you can pull him to shore knowing that your little outboard will run for days on 5 gallons….you can laugh at him too…why not, he laughs at you…

9) Fishing is much easier in an aluminum boat, it’s a lot easier to lift a big lunker over the side of a small aluminum boat than it is to pull one up the side of a big fibreglass model with high sides and a fancy paintjob…oh yeah, fish scales wash right out of an aluminum boat with a hose or even a little rain, on the other hand, fish scales and fish blood stick to fancy carpet in that overpriced fibreglass show boat that your buddy has….and the fishy smell…it never goes away from a boat with carpet….

Your aluminum boat will smell fresh and clean everyday…except when you and your fishing buddies have had beans for lunch….

10)I will leave #10 for you to fill in…let me know your reason why an aluminum boat is a great addition around the cottage.

Oh and don’t forget the boys and girls over at the Duroboat blog
they have some of the finest aluminum boats on the market and one of the coolest websites, it even has a blog….

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