Preventing Mildew In Boats

This has been a pretty damp year around the cottage. We’ve had a lot of rain, and in fact the lake has stayed at higher water levels than I can remember. It’s been good because I like the lake water level up, better for boating and swimming.

However, the damp weather plays havoc underneath boat canopies and even in the cottage, because of mildew. That’s those usually black, or dark stains that start to show up on boat seats and other leather or vinyl materials, and can be difficult to wash off.

To me, there is nothing more annoying than those ugly mildew stains on a nice white boat seat, and I used to work hard to get them cleaned off. Fortunately, preventing mildew in boats is not impossible.

We have found that hanging a couple of these Sea Bowld – Mildew Control Bags helps in preventing mildew in boats or at least controlling the amount of mildew we have to deal with.

Mildew On Boat Seats

When we had the speedboat with full canvas cover we had quite a bit of mildew form on the seats, that is until we started hanging a couple of these inside the cockpit.

They are unobrusive and don’t smell or anything, in fact the only way you know they are working is when you don’t see mildew.

Now we hang a couple in the camp as well, and find that they work great, one in the bathroom and another in the sunporch where mildew problems used to occasionally surface, especially when the cottage was closed up for awhile.

I always put two fresh packages in the boat before I sealed it up for the winter and found that they eliminated the mildew that used to form over the winter months. We’d leave one in the boat all summer and then put a fresh bag in the holder when I was winterizing the boat, and sometimes early in the spring before the boat went back into the water.

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  1. Contact Marine Mildew Doctor at They have some amazing products that will prevent mildew from growing on surfaces and textiles for years! Even in damp conditions. This technology was based off use in hospitals. Really cool stuff!!