Rained Out

Well it’s Saturday and we are home….not at the cottage. We came back. Why you ask? Because it was raining, and raining and raining. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not typically a fair weather cottager. I like the camp in all sorts of weather including the rain. It was great there last night, falling asleep listening to the rain on the roof.

But…it does get a little tiresome by times, especially when there isn’t much to do and you can only read the same books so many times. We only get three television channels and one of them isn’t very clear. I have trouble finding something decent to watch on television at home with 45 channels, imagine my grief with only three.

I was outside a few times, pulled the boat up with the Tracker because I know the lake is going to come up and I didn’t want it underwater. Before I decided to do it the smart way, I grabbed my 14 foot aluminum boat by the bow and pulled but I must be having a weak day, because it wouldn’t budge. I pulled again..it’s just not that heavy, even though the 15 hp Evinrude outboard was on it. Still wouldn’t budge. I wiggled it, I shoved, I tugged, I did everything I could to move that GD boat. Then when I was near exhaustion and figuring that old age has weakened me faster than I expected I realized that there was a rope tied to the back of the boat to the wharf….it was tied…no wonder it wouldn’t move.

So I untied the rope. But I wasn’t going to risk finding out I still couldn’t move it, so I jumped in the Chevrolet Tracker, shoved it into 4 wheel drive and backed down to the boat, hooked the bow rope, or painter as us boaty types call it, onto the tow hook on the rear of the 4X4. Then I got back in and pulled away and voila! One aluminum boat and motor high and dry on the lawn, safe from rising lake waters.

After the boat episode it really started to rain, apparently up until then it had only been showers…the skies opened up and it poured. A couple of the loons came up on the lawn and went under our patio umbrella, that’s how bad it was….So we packed up and headed for home, it’s raining here too, but at least television is a little better….

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