Camping In A Dodge Caravan

We did something a little different this weekend. Instead of heading to the cottage, my wife and I went with some friends to a campground for the weekend. It’s like going to the cottage but different. Less work, but very tiring just the same.

We left on Friday night, which was a beautiful evening, and by 8:00 we were set up with our screen house over the picnic table, stuff unpacked and organized for the weekend, and the Dodge Caravan all geared up so we could sleep in it. Long gone are the days when we sleep in a tent. That’s OK when you are younger, or perhaps if you are a person who likes tents…we’re not. These days, when we go camping, we go camping in a Dodge Caravan. Remember, we are cottagers first and foremost, tents aren’t cottages no matter what the manufacturer might try to convince you of.

In the same breath, camping in a Dodge Caravan is not a motorhome either, but it isn’t bad and they are a lot cheaper to run. Plus, when you are camping in a Dodge Caravan you’re up off the ground, locked in nice and secure, and with the back seats out, and some foam mattress’s, pillows, blankets and stuff it is remarkably comfortable for sleeping. A little hot mind you, but we cracked window for venitilation and it wasn’t bad.

The Dodge is perfect for two people to sleep inside. It’s even possible to get dressed in there with a little bit of wiggling. I know we were the envy of our tenting friends, even if they did have a double wide, double thick, air mattress.

There were two other things that made the weekend a pleasure. First was the screen tent that we bought as a dining, sitting tent. The picnic table fit inside perfectly, and we had room left over for all our stuff. It was a welcome respite from the hot sun that had things heated up to well over 30 degrees celcius, which is where the other good thing comes in…the campground pool. I think I swam about 5 times on Saturday which is more than all the swimming I would normally do for a summer at the cottage. The swimming pool was great, warm and fun to be in.

All in all it was a good time, in fact it was a great time. No, it isn’t as good as going to the cottage, but in some ways it is nice to do it for the change or variety that doing something different does for you.

I’m a little tired though, yawning the whole time I am writing this and trying to keep my eyes open….

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