Deer Visit

I had a phone call this morning from my 88 year old Mum who is spending the weekend with my Dad at their cottage, enjoying some good weather. Mum was pretty excited and said she couldn’t wait to get home tonight to tell me what they saw today.

Two whitetail deer, probably one of them was the young one I saw a couple of weeks ago, spent 35 minutes in the yard, walking around, while Mum and Dad sat in the front window watching as they explored the yard, nibbling a little of the grass and checking out the garden to see if anything was growing yet, which it isn’t.

From what she told me the two deer, a buck and a doe spent the time slowly walking around completely oblivious to the two cottagers watching from the window, wishing they had a camera.

What is it about watching wildlife, like deer, that enthrall so many of us? I myself am jealous that I wasn’t there to see them, I would have loved that. As a hunter I have seen many deer, but I still get excited seeing one or in this case it would have been two. It’s probably because animals are so elusive, so hidden most of the time that when a couple decide to make an appearance, they are like a mystery revealed, watching how they interact with each other, and what they do as the go about exploring your yard.

Of course these same two deer might become a bit of an issue when the garden starts to grow, but alas, we probably won’t care, I would be happy to know that they are enjoying my carrots, infact, I usually plant a row of swiss chard with the deer in mind, although it’s been several years since any have really bothered with it.

I assume the deer this morning, on the heels of the one I saw a couple of weeks ago is a sign that the herd is in pretty good shape and they will be around most of the summer or until there are too many people around for their liking.

Anyway…that’s all I wanted to say….geez I didn’t see the deer and I’m still excited just knowing they were there and Mum and Dad saw them.

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