Cottage Gardens

After getting off to a slow start, I finally got the cottage vegetable garden planted today. It’s all in…just sitting back now waiting to reap the harvest. I went to the cottage this morning with my elderly mother and father, who after teaching me how to plant the garden for the last 48 years are still not sure I understand it, so they like to go and keep an eye on what I am doing.

Apparently I did alright, they didn’t say I didn’t. Although there was a look of consternation on my Dad when he discovered I hadn’t put any fertilizer in the rows with the seeds…after it was a little late to dig it up.

That was OK though, I told him that I have found the fertilizer is more effective if it’s spread on top afterward and allowed to slowly drain into the ground, like time release tablets. He seemed to believe that I knew that for fact, when in fact, I had just made it up..on the spot…out of the blue.

So it’s all in, carrots, green beans, yellow beans, pole beans, (9 poles worth) cucumber plants, tomato plants, (10 plants) swiss chard and even some lettuce, which I suspect the cottage deer that I have been telling you about will eat up tonight.

We’ll be eating out the garden in no time, lots of fresh vegetables, great for making a hodgepodge in late August, on one of those sunny, warm August evenings when everything is up and growing and the cottages are all in business.

Everyone on our road has a vegetable garden of some sort. Something we all got into because one guy was quite a gardener and somehow it became necessary for everyone to have a garden. I think he encouraged us so he could compete with us to see who had the best garden, but I’m not sure.

I do remember as a wee laddie digging the garden bigger and digging a second one in our spare lot in the woods for zuchinni and potatoes…man the zuchinni’s we used to grow…not sure if anyone in the family liked to eat them, but by God we could certainly grow em!

Nowadays the extra garden in the woodlot is gone, and the main garden is a little smaller and by July, quite weedy, because I am not really very interested in gardening as a cottage pastime. I much prefer laying on the wharf surrounded by beautiful women in bikini’s admiring my big….um…boat…tied to the wharf…

However, since I seldom have beautiful women in bikini’s suntanning on the wharf, and I sold the big…um…boat several years ago because I couldn’t get it up….on plane….(c’mon what are you thinking??) I am now taking a little more interest in the vegetable garden. I just might plant a zuchinni or two.

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