The Weekend’s Here! Smells Like The Camp!

Ahh finally Friday, the weekend is here! I should be off to the cottage tonight, but instead I am home, watching television and writing to you. Getting to the cottage has become a bit of a challenge as my life goes by.

Between work, elderly parents and teenage daughters, getting away isn’t as easy as it once was. The girls have busy lives, and as much as they might love “the camp” they also love being with their friends, and doing the stuff that teenagers do.

I know this is just a part of life and have expected it for some time now. It happens to most families, I have watched it happen to others, and there are more to come. In fact, most cottages go through this evolution where the kids kind of outgrow the place for a little while. But it isn’t permanent. They will come back to it in a few years when they have children of their own, and settle down in their own families. That’s when they will remember their own childhoods, swimming in the lake, campfires at night, boating, and much more outdoors.

They will recall the smell of the place, and the memories that are there, and come back, probably more interested than ever. The reason I say they will remember the “smell” of the place is two fold. I have always been aware of the scent of our place, the woodstove, and dry wood in the box, the old oil stove in the kitchen. The trees and woods that surround it, and the lake that laps at the shoreline. I remember one Friday night arriving at the cottage with the family intow, the first trip of the year. We opened the door and went inside, everyone carrying an armload of supplies. My oldest daughter dropped her bags on the old couch, took a deep breath, and said,”ahhh…it smells like the camp, it’s so good to be here!” That struck a nerve with me, because I had always been aware of that same comfortable, memorable smell, all my life, but until my daughter made her comment, I often wondered if I was alone…..

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