Relaxing At The Cottage – Not!

Ahh, the cottage….a place to go to relax and enjoy nature, kick back and get refreshed, nothing but pure rest and relaxtion….or at least that’s what people who don’t have a cottage think. Those of us fortunate or silly enough to have a little place in the wilderness to get away, know that is anything but the truth.

In actual fact, cottages are a lot of hard work. In some respects, nothing but work. Think about it, there is always something to be done, whether it’s part of a cottage property improvement plan, or just regular maintenance, there is usually some job or project that needs doing. Of course, we love projects or we wouldn’t have a cottage, would we?

Every year starts out with getting the water pump hooked up, fixing the inevitable leaks, repairing or building a wharf and putting it and the boat in the water, cutting some wood for burning, either in the woodstove or at outside campfires or both. There are windows to be cleaned, decks to be scraped and painted, rotten boards to be repaired, roof shingles to be replaced, chimneys to be cleaned, grass to be mowed, bushes to be trimmed, and if you have a little vegetable garden at your place well….get out the garden tiller and get tilling.

Most of what I mentioned above is just the stuff that has to be done to get the cottage operational for the summer cottage season. You’ll notice I didn’t mention the bigger projects like structural repairs to cottage posts, or rotten wood around windows and doors, or perhaps a new roof, or building a new deck…the list goes on.

So why do we do it? I dunno. I do it because for some reason I love the place. I love it more than almost anything else. Not more than my wife or kids mind you…well…OK…I’m not saying anymore about that because I will be in such trouble. I just love the place…period. My wife says it’s amazing to see me work at the cottage doing stuff she has been wanting done around home for months if not years, like window washing…we have lovely clean windows at the camp…not so much at home…I tell her it’s because there is better stuff to look at through the cottage windows than a window looking out on suburbia….

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