Hot Water At The Cottage

Hey Cottager’s
We’re just back from a glorious long weekend at the cottage…in the rain…all three days, except for a little sunlight late yesterday and this morning.
This was a good weekend nonetheless, the gang was all on hand, including company, so three days went fast.

In addition I got a lot done, and God only knows, there is a lot more to do…that’s one thing about cottage ownership, there is always something else to do. However, this weekend the big ordeal was getting the hot water on! Thanks to a friend of mine who was able to get his hands on an ‘element wrench’ I was able to get the element out of the hot water heater and replace it. No small task considering as I may have mentioned in an earlier post, the damm thing is stuck behind an oil stove in the kitchen and I have to shrink to squeeze in there. I stopped eating on Wednesday to get down to the right size by Friday.

However, the tank is fixed and I was able to burn my hands on the hot water. It was fantastic…not the burn particularly, but having the water….hot….better for showers…which I always need after working around the cottage….

And the water pump…oh yeah, it’s still pumping, working better than ever on hydraulic fluid, which seems to give it the little extra push it needed to really get pumping. I expect it will blow up one of these days, it’sonly 1000 years old…people from the Antiques Roadshow show come and look at it, probably worth a fortune to a museum…here is a picture of the offending little beast that kept me vexed for the first two weekends of the cottage season as it does every year….

One of these days I am going to save up enough money for one of these Jet Pumps.

Hey it wasn’t all bad, Sunday morning I was walking up our driveway and came face to face with a lovely little whitetail deer. I suspect he was about 1 year old. He sorta just bounced out of the woods on to the road, and stopped. He didn’t see me at first but deer have a sixth sense about such things and he wasn’t long figuring out I was there before he took off up the driveway and into the woods. Kind of made my weekend seening him….

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