Happiness Is A Cottage Woodpile

My back aches and my arms and legs are tired, but I have a smile on my face thanks to new pile of firewood just behind the cottage, all cut, split and drying in the sun, until it’s time to burn.

Things were getting a little sparse on the firewood front lately, owing to yours truly having a little trouble to get the chain saw properly sharpened. It’s still not sharpened properly, but it’s better than it was, and I am back in business baby!

As soon as I was sure it would cut more than my leg off, I took to the woodlot and started picking out trees, settling on a pine, an old dead fir tree, and a birch. All fell to the woodsman’s Sach’s Dolmar chain saw and my handy splitting maul, without which I would not burn much wood.

Ok, so it doesn’t look like a very big woodpile to you, but to me, it’s as good as a pile of gold…well not exactly gold, but it’s good. With the dry wood already on hand, and a little of this mixed in as it dries, we’ll get through the rest of the cool spring weekends, and hopefully into the fall. I’ve got a couple more trees in mind to come down, so once they cut down, chunked up and split, and nicely piled on the woodpile too, I can put the saw away and relax…well…not exactly relax…I have a new wharf to build…..

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