Tilley Hats – The T-3 I’m A Believer!!

If I told you about something that would protect you from the sun, the rain and almost anything the weather can throw at you, would you be interested? Of course, as an experienced cottager you already know about the Tilley T3 Hat which I believe is the most popular of all the Tilley Hats.

Yes, I know, Tilley Hats take a little getting used to, but the practicality, usefulness and comfort of these hats is unparalled. I know because I own two of them and love them both, like old faithful friends.

Tilley Hats aren’t just any hat, they are like no other hat that I know of. The Tilley T-3 has a medium-sized brim, you can snap it up Aussie style, or leave it unsnapped for full protection from the elements. They come in a few colors, Solid Khaki and Natural with green under brim (the dark underbrims help to reduce reflection while on water, snow and sand). They’re also available in Solid Navy and Khaki with olive underbrim by Special Order. A lifetime investment in sun protection and good looks.

Tilley T3 Hat

The American Cancer Research Center has tested all Tilley cotton duck Hats and certified that they block 98% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation, and provide the highest certification rating of Ultraviolet Protection Rating (UPF) 50 . This is the maximum rating given.

I know what you are thinking, besides the above, what does the Tilley T-3 have to offer? I’m glad you asked, how about a these fine features:
Brim Size: Front and Back: 2-3/4″ Sides: 2-3/8″
Weight: 5.4 oz. Certified sun protection, delivers an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50
Two Year, all-peril, 50% deductible Hat Insurance Policy Fabric treated to be water repellent and mildew proof
Cloth Pocket in the crown which holds a foam pad to make the hat float and cushion against a bump to the head.

As I mentioned early in this post, I own a Tilley T3 Hat and I love it. Together that hat and I have been through a lot, from sun and wind, rain and snow, and even divorce, my Tilley was always there for me. I am a Tilley Believer!

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  1. Tilley hats are so confident of their sturdy, hand-made outdoor hats that the company offers the following guarantee: "If you ever find the hat to be less than the best for any reason, we will repair of replace your hat free."
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