The Ice Is Gone ! Spring Is Here!

In a previous post I made a prediction that the ice would be out of our cottage lake by April 9th…well I guess I was right and wrong….

It’s April 2nd and the winter ice is already all gone, so depending on how you look at my prediction, I was right, it is gone by April 9th, but on the other hand, if you think I meant that it would disappear on April 9th exactly, I was wrr…wrr…wrong.

Our beautiful cottage lake is free and clear, lots of water, beautiful wet water splashing against the shoreline, looking so inviting. I wanted to get the aluminum boat out and go fishing right away but my wife reminded me of a couple of problems with my plan. One the Evinrude outboard motor was still home, my fishing gear was home, and I don’t have a fishing licence yet. So I guess it will be another week or so before I get fishing.

Spring at the cottage is the very best time to be there. The summer folks haven’t arrived yet, the boats on the lake are few and far between, no jet skis, the weather is generally pleasant and the fish are biting. It’s also full of promise of what’s to come. You know that you made it through another winter and it’s nothing but good times are ahead. Fishing, boating, swimming, sunshine and lollipops!

Spring is where it’s at as the summer gets here you reach the point where you know that it will all soon be over, and from then on it never feels quite the same. That feeling is always there, not far away, the idea that the summer is winding down, the days getting shorter, the mornings cooler again.

But not now, not in the spring, when everything is full of promise. Good weather lies ahead, the trees are starting to bud, the grass is coming green. The days grow longer instead of shorter, and the early mornings and late evenings are warm and pleasant.

Of course there are flies but after a long winter of freezing temperatures I’ll take a few flies in stride and shrug them off.

Spring around the cottage means lots to do as well. The garden has to be tilled and prepared for planting, the water pump hooked up, the shutters removed and numerous little and sometimes large repair jobs to be done. There’s All of these are work, but such pleasant work it seems more like fun!

If you think I am excited you’re bang on!!

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