The Cottage Water Pump Is Running!

The water’s on! Yippee! The first big milestone of the upcoming cottage life season has been reached. I hooked up the water pump today, and no leaks unless you count a little problem with the water pump, but nothing that will stop us from getting water. I’ve been lucky the past couple of years not having much in the way of burst pipes or even little water leaks, I guess owing to taking care when I disconnect the water pump and drain the system in the fall.

I don’t know how much longer the old piston pump is going to keep pumping, I think it must be about 1000 years old by now, but it still works, and today was no exception. The biggest hassle with hooking up the water these days I believe occurs because of the hot water tank. It seems to take a long time to fill, and I think may be causing me some problems because of air pressure trapped in it. But I have that figured out now too, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

I am tired out tonight, crawling around on the ground under the cottage is not as easy as it was when I was 20, and it wasn’t easy even then, it’s worse now as I come close to 50. I keep threatening to move the entire system to the garage and just run a pipe or two to the cottage and I might get around to that some day, it would be so much easier. But, once I get it working my mind goes to other things like the wharf and boats and fishing, pushing that particular project to the bottom of the proverbial never ending cottage to do list.

I’ve also got a little job to fix the trap under the kitchen sink, as it seems to have rotted and broken. Now how a piece of ABS plastic pipe rots is more than I can explain or understand, but it did, or at least it did at the point where the little drain plug screws into the bottom of the trap, so it has to be replaced, which is going to take what I can only describe as ‘cottage plumbing creativity’ to cut out the bad stuff and put in new and still get everything to line up, but…that’s where the creativity comes in…a little of this, a little of that, an elbow, a 45 and couple of 90 degree fittings, some plumbers glue and we’ll be good as new….

Otherwise, I am happy to report the water is running and the cottage is back to life, next trip is going to include a fishing rod….

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