Spring Fever Cooled By Spring Snow !!

Well, well, well…..any hope I might have entertained about spending the long Easter weekend at my cottage was dashed quickly by a pretty big snowstorm prediction which came true. Instead of running the roto-tiller through the vegetable garden this weekend, I ended up running the snow blower through about six inches of snow.
Talk about global warming….

I had big plans for the weekend, which ended when the first flakes started to fall prompting an easy weekend at home blogging instead of a great weekend at the camp fishing. It’s difficult to know that the cottage is down there in the country, on the side of the lake, just begging for me to come and stay, and I’m here.

I suppose we could have gone anyway, but somehow fishing in a snowstorm isn’t very appealing in an open aluminum boat, nor is spending four days trying to stay warm and shovel my way back out to the main road. So for the sake of a week or two, I guess we are better off to suck it up and stay home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like winter at the cottage, in fact we have had many enjoyable weekends there in the winter. But this isn’t the winter. This is the spring and that means I want to be doing spring things like hooking up the water pump, roto-tilling the vegetable garden, raking leaves, putting the wharf in, and, above all, going trout fishing. I don’t want to be hauling firewood, chipping ice and shovelling snow. C’mon weather guys, get your seasons straightened out and let’s have some spring fever!!

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