How Big Is Your Rod?

Sorry about the title, but I couldn’t resist…Whenever I am fly fishing amongst others, in other words on a salmon river taking turns with other fishermen, I am often asked about my fishing rod length. I like to think it’s because of my spectacular casts that are amazingly accurate…but it could just be because my favorite fly rod stands out in a crowd…it’s bigger than average…sorry…couldn’t resist again…

I learned early on in my salmon fishing career that a long fly rod makes casting easier and gives even a poor caster some advantage when it comes to distance casting.

Like most, I started with the standard 8 1/2 foot fly rod, graduated to a 9 footer and now like to use one that is 9 1/2 feet long.

Longer rods usually mean a little heavier line, up around a number 8, 9 or 10 depending on the rod, and heavier lines are an advantage in the wind. They are not as delicate on a quiet trout pool as a lighter line is, but I am mostly a salmon fisherman so I don’t much care. However, I have caught many a trout with the heavy line regardless. Some of that has to do with casting technique anyway, and a good flycaster can drop a fly delicately on still water without causing much of a ripple anyway.

Most salmon fishing occurs on fairly big water, often requiring a long cast to get to where the fish lay, often across the river to the other side. Summer winds, especially in the daytime, can make casting a light flyline any distance a challenge. That’s where the heavier lines come in to play. Conversely, if you are fishing in a place where the fish are laying close to you, the longer rod will allow you to drop a fly or bug close and work it well, right above the salmon’s nose, perhaps without using much line at all.

I recommend at least a nine foot flyrod that the manufacturer suggests be used with a number 8-10 line. Speaking of fly lines, and I will talk more about them in another post, for salmon fishing, go for a weight forward line…every time….leave the double tapers on the shelf in the store.

I’d like to point out that I know some fishermen, the late Lee Wulf and his wife for instance who could cast a line using a six foot rod or shorter, in fact I once saw a demonstration where he cast without a rod at all…I think it was Lee, it might have been his wife, an equally talented salmon fisher. However, they were pros, and yes, a six foot rod might be kind of cool and make it easy to tail a fish in close, they are not for everyone and require an amount of concentration and work to consistently and accurately cast big flies long distances.

In salmon fishing….bigger is better….sorry couldn’t resist again….

This Scientific Anglers rodlooks like it might not be a bad outfit, it’s a 9 foot rod designed for an 8 weight line, and the price is not out of this world either like some fly rods.

Scientific Anglers Ultra Fly Fishing Outfit – 9′ 4-Piece 8-Weight

Here are some great fly fishing reels and books about fly fishing

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