Fly Fishing Vests

No self respecting Atlantic Salmon Fisherman is going to go near his favorite salmon fishing river without his fly vest. Unlike many trout and bass fishers, those of us who flail the water with flies for atlantic salmon don’t carry tackle boxes or fishing bags. We wear fishing vests like this Henry’s Fork III Fly Fishing Vest

Tackle boxes and even fishing bags are just not practical when you are wading in a fast flowing salmon river, or standing in a narrow river boat casting for a giant salmon you know is laying just beside that big rock waiting for you to drift a White Wulf dry fly down over him.

This is a great fishing vest, in fact I think I am going to order one myself, as my own is starting to look a little ragged. This vest has is made of 60% cotton/40% polyester poplin and is lightweight, breathable and fast drying. 75% nylon/25% elastane Spacer Mesh around the neck provides shock absorbing, breathable comfort.
Six large capacity pockets stow all your fly boxes. Four lower front zip pockets for all your necessary extras. It also has two pigtail clip retractors and a rod holder. There is also a removable sherpa fly keeper. Take my advice, remove that and throw it away, they are not much good except to lose your favorite flies.
This nice fishing vest also has a utility D-ring, perfect for hanging your dipnet on and a large back storage pocket which is a great place for an extra reel, fly spray and any other extras you need.

Henry’s Fork III Fly Fishing Vest

The above vest is not good enough for a fly fisherman of your stature and river aclaim you say, well hold tight to your line buddy, because if that’s the case, have we got the vest for you, the Simms G3 Guide Vestholds everything but the kitchen sink! But you could carry if you want. The contoured shoulders are made to distribute the weight, so once you put on a full load it will feel light as a feather. It has 4 easy opening LARGE bellow pockets plus 17 more that you can fill. Now you have no excuse for not having the right fly! This is the vest for the serious fly fisher, which of course is all of us right?

Simms G3 Guide Vest

I’ll warn you now though, this vest is a tad bit more pricy than the Henry’s Fork III Fly Fishing Vest selling for close to a couple of hundred dollars. ($179.00 at the time of this writing)but I am sure it is well worth it. I might have to save up my lunch money to get this one. There is no point in taking the fishing trip of a lifetime with poor equipment, and with this vest you will have no worries.

I know this is a vest that I would love to have full of my favorite fly boxes and gear. I don’t know about you but I know that if I fall in the river with my vest on, I am going right to the bottom. I get an extra two or three miles per hour out of my little boat and motor if I leave my fishing vest at home, it weighs so much, Ha! But it’s all necessary fishing gear, you never know when you might have to change reels for instance….or it could rain and you need a rainsuit, or the river is rising and you need bigger flies…that’s why we all wear them full of stuff, fly fishermen are ready for any circumstance….


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