There’s something about a cottage that says put up a birdhouse. Even folks that don’t play much attention to birds and animals in town often become interested in feeding and attracting birds and animals at the cottage.

Perhaps it’s because of the abundance of wildlife around some cottage locals, or just the whole back to nature thing. Or it just could be that a birdhouse hanging or mounted to a tree just seems right around the camp. I have one birdhouse that has never seen a bird, but every year a squirrel has her babies inside of it, and moves them out when we arrive. It’s quite entertaining to watch. The old tree that nailed the birdhouse to should have been sawed down and cut into firewood years ago, but somehow I can’t bring myself to do it. Of course I am also older now, and past my “cut everything down with my chainsaw” phase…..

Attracting a few birds around your cottage will also help control bugs and flies which of course is something we all have an interest in doing. It’s amazing watching the effect that a few swallows have on swarms of flies in the evenings.

Even without a birdhouse you can still attract birds and small animals, mixed wildbird seed is great. I spread some around the yard every weekend and have had a visit from a pheasant, partridges, doves and other birds regularly. One summer we even had a family of Black Ducks who came every morning.

So with birdhouses in mind, I checked to see what were available, and found quite a few, some of which I am featuring here. Now is as good a time as any to put up a birdhouse and see who moves in!!

For starters, here is a Wood Lighhouse Bird House reminiscent of solitary lighthouses on the shores of the ocean. This one is kind of cute.

Of course it is the cottage, and perhaps doesn’t particularly have a ‘nautical’ or ocean theme. It’s the cottage, in cottage country and your birdhouse should reflect that atmosphere. You have a lodge, so your birds can too with this Moose Lodge Birdhouse styled after an old lakeshore lodge, perhaps it looks like your cottage, it does look a bit like mine…

This one is really neat, especially if your cottage happens to be a travel trailer. It the Barnstorm Fifth Wheel Birdhouse and of course looks like a travel trailer, only for birds…
Keeping with a cottage theme, and after all this is The Cottage Chronicles, here is one designed in the style of a Beach Cottage Bird House. Very nice and welcoming for the songbirds in your life, or perhaps the squirrels.

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  1. This review is from: Camper Birdhouse Trailer Bird House Airstream style Rv Home Decor Yard Garden Porch Patio Country I orreded one trailer bird house, fell in love with it and orreded a second. It is adorable, sturdy and campy! It’s dead of winter in Colorado, with little bird activity. Can’t wait to see how the chirpers react. Even if they don’t like the camp spot, the bird house is a fun feature for the yard.

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