All Fishermen Are Liars

Hi, How’s the fishing? Now I know you aren’t going to tell me the truth. Fishermen, (sorry I just cannot get used to the word ‘fisher’ to me that is a small furry animal) are consumate liars as we all know. I’m sure you’ve all heard the old adage, if you haven’t it goes like this:

“All fisherman are liars, except you and me, and sometimes I am not so sure about you.”

In fact we lie so much it carries over into everything we do.

I grew up with a fishing rod in my hands and a lie on my lips and it continues 40 some odd years later. For example, here is a transcript of a conversation I had with my wife this afternoon. The lies are in quotations, the truth is in the parenthesis:

Wife: (shouting down the basement stairs) “What are ya doing?”

Me: ” Vacuuming the carpet.” (Lying on the couch watching television)

Wife: “I don’t hear the vacuum.”

Me: “I just finished the laundry and I have a blanket over the vacuum to deaden the motor noise so I don’t disturb you.”

Wife: “Did you wash the bathroom floor?”

Me: “About an hour a go, must be dry by now.” (haven’t been near a mop in three weeks)

Wife: “Will you come up here and help me make the bed please?”

Me: “Just as soon as I am finished cleaning the wood stove.” (not bloodly likely bed making is for wimps, I want to get us a double size sleeping bag and be done with it)

Me again: “Aren’t I the best husband in the world?”

Wife: “Yes you are Sweetie, I am going to change into something sexy and be right down to reward you.” (No she’s not, she’s gone to get a gun.)

Now some of you will believe the above is an actual transcript of a discussion between my wife and I, but….the truth is, that too is all a lie. Actually this morning I went out to cut the grass, so I started the mower, pushed it behind the shed, left it running and went fishing…….

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