Year Round Cottage Living

Yesterday my elderly parents took a drive to the cottage to visit a friend of theirs who is quite sick. It was a nice day around here, great for a trip to the country. Of course on the way they dropped in to check on our cottage, and see how it had weathered the winter.

To their surprise when they pulled into the yard there was a fellow swinging on the rope swing I have set up for the kids, under a big maple tree. It was one of our neigbors, a retired chap who moved down to his cottage several years ago.

He told them he came over for a walk around regularly and kept a much appreciated eye on the place all winter which is fantastic of course. There is no better security than a year round resident making frequent walks around your cottage.

Winter in cottage country can be fun, but I think the time can be long too, depending on the weather, and your health and so on. Whenever I dream about retiring there I often wonder what it is really like? Yes, you can probably do some 4 wheeling and skating, but how many days are you really going to want to do that at 60 years of age or more. I doubt you will want to go everyday…I know I wouldn’t.

As far as it goes, I think I prefer the idea of having the cottage as my place to go when city life gets the better of me and when I need a little variety in my surroundings. It will be an escape, one I will get to make more often than I do now, with the burden of having to go to work five days a week.

I look forward to the time when I can say to my wife, “Let’s go to the cottage.” and we will stay there until we feel like going home.

I do have one plan in mind though…I am going to go up to the end of the driveway on Sunday evenings and wave to all the poor folks who have to go home for work the next day….that is my retirement plan….

By the way, had a nice comment from the folks over at Duroboat who noticed I mentioned them in a previous post about aluminum boats and bless their hearts they’ve posted a link back to us on their site. Thanks for the link

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